“To-Do” List

Are you “To-Do” lists obsessed?

I am more than sure that most of us, women, write “To-Do” lists several times a month. Some of us cannot live without them. Do we follow the lists or do we write it, have it in our purses and forget about them because we have been occupied with the craziness of the world? Probably Both. I write “to-do” lists; I even complete most of the items but I leave some things out. Why? Because I might not feel like doing something I wanted to do yesterday; or the weather is holding me inside of the house and I don’t feel like getting outside. Although, what I recently decided to come up with is a “To-Do List for this Month” Why? Because I have the whole month to get certain things done (of course, I am not talking about the things that are important or have deadlines): I will complete these items with joy, at my own leisure or at the right time.

I am sharing my January “to-do” list with you; most of all, because this is my commitment to get certain things done (only 10 for this month). I will promise you pictures and a few fun stories along with some history. Let’s view the list first:

January To Do list
January To Do list
  1. “Book Photography classes” My mom presented me with a very nice gift when I last saw her in Thailand where we got our family and friends together for a small, intimate wedding ceremony: her nice professional camera. I have been thinking about taking photography lessons for a while, but never got serious about it. Now I have no excuses but start using the camera I have. I have to tell you though, the lessons will not happen this month because the classes I was looking at are in Chugiak High School which is about 40 minutes away from Anchorage where we live and work. I do not like highways in the winter: they scary me. Primarily because of speeding gigantic trucks all over and moose that like to jump in front of the cars in the dark. Nope; thank you. I will continue searching for some budget-friendly photography classes here in town or maybe will wait until summer. PS Any recommendations are welcome.
  2. “Finish Vic’s Book” Meaning, Victor Fischer’s book “To Russia with Love”. I have been enjoying this book so so much but I have to say: I get so easily distracted… And that’s why I have a commitment to finish it. My thoughts about this book deserve a separate post, which I promise to write after I complete it (and I regret not getting an autograph when there was a chance to meet him – different story though).


3.  Complete Civic’s Title work. Boring thing I have to do but very important: my little Hybrid toy has been sold and I have to work with the bank to get the Title to the right place. Done. Now, it is a new adventure with a beautiful new ride – you cannot live in Alaska without a car and if I have to ride one it is better be a good one 😉

4. Get the wedding pictures printed. I cannot believe I had to actually put it on the list to get it done… I guess I am not one of those girls who get obsessed over their weddings and decorate their whole house with the endless picture frames. Nope. Although, I still think it will be nice to replace one of the engagement photos with the wedding picture. Easy – done! Approved by the hubby 🙂

5. Donate the box of stuff and bring books to the Title Wave. Just one sentence: I hate clutter. And, that’s why I purge things on a regular basis and donate. Title Wave is a used book store that gives you store credit for your books when you bring them in. I always bring books that do not have value for us or I know we will never read again. And, after my best hubby in the world gave me Kindle for Christmas, I will probably never buy a real book again. Although, I do love a book smell… I might visit library more often just to satisfy that craving.


6. Complete our bathroom remodel. There are just tiny little things that need to be done and of course we all like to just “forget” about them… It usually takes just a little bit of an effort. We almost there 🙂

7. Start “mom’s” bathroom. Mom is moving to the US around summer time ( I AM SO EXCITED), so we need to start some remodeling projects so she doesn’t have to move in to the mess of construction. I will not trouble you with the details on why and how we are doing so many remodels (those are huge big topics that I might cover someday) but I have to say that it is handy to have a man around the house who knows how to do a lot of home remodeling 😉

8. Complete Shutterfly book. We have a  Groupon, which has expired, but I so want to put together a book with our Thailand pictures 🙂

9. Try to make “Sirniki”. I will write a whole separate post on what it is and how its made but I have to say: when my hubby saw this list, his first reaction was “why Sirniki is on the 9th place?!!!” Haha. He loves them; I already bought Russian cottage cheese for it: next post – how we made “Sirniki” 🙂


10. Bring “Khvorost” cookies to the fire station. I would like to experiment more and to learn how to make lots of Russian foods; cookies are one of the delicious things that I miss. Although, I cannot have them at the house constantly (have to keep the shape I am in) but I have a whole fire station that will very much appreciate some yumminess. And the recipe has vodka in it (will post soon)… Mom said it is what it is HAHA – Russians 😉

Khvorost cookies

Long post-sorry. I fill be writing follow up to some items of course with tons of pictures.

Yours, Yana


3 thoughts on ““To-Do” List

  1. Great post! I like your month TO DO list idea. I recently bought a white board with different colored pens and I update it every Monday – love the whiteboard, keep it in my workspace. Seems to be working for me! I wish I could take photography classes with you! I really want to do that too. Fun fact – I ALSO have NOT printed wedding photos!!! Haha! It’s been 10 months…it is at the top of my personal TO Dos! SO I agree there. Nice work on the bathrooms! Can’t wait to read your post about this book you’re reading!

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