A new wine snack you might want to consider: Sushki – Russian tea cookies

I have to confess: it has been 2 weeks and we still have not made Sirniki. I think I am getting extremely close to my deadline – I did tell you I get easily distracted 😉 Although, I have a very very good excuse: bathroom remodeling is well under way and we are busy! As much as my female brain and muscles can handle, I try to help too.
Well, while Sirniki are still on my To-Do list, I have discovered another Russian food that is a favorite in my family now: Sushki! Believe it or not. They are currently hidden in the kitchen cabinet (I hide it from myself) but after I showed it to my hubby, he constantly pulls one (or several) at a time. It is a pantry staple from now on in my house.

photo 1
For those of you who do not know: sushki is a traditional Russian tea bread (I discovered that it’s a great wine snack as well ;). It is crunchy, slightly sweet and cute. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sushki
It is relatively cheap and could be bought in the Russian store/market; I do try to get it anytime I am there. Generally, I try to stop by the Russian store on a regular basis and discover my old favorite but forgotten yummy foods. http://www.yelp.com/biz/eastern-european-store-and-deli-anchorage I wish they would come up with a nice website… I have to mention though that sushki that are sold in our Russian store are not from Russia. I guess the store is not actually called the Russian Store (we call it that); its European deli so this particular package that I got recently has traveled to us from Moldova. I have not seen any difference from what I have had before in my hometown.
I have no idea how to make sushki and I don’t think I will ever try. It is always been such a snack that you always buy at the store. Even when we were kids during the Soviet times and the rough 90s, nobody ever made them. Probably, because it always been available and was also very cheap. It was probably one of the foods that have never disappeared from the store shelves in the 90s like happened to most of the products. You can always stock up on that too; I think the expiration dates on it are relatively long. Although, I would be careful for those of you ladies who are on a diet kick despite the fact how small those things are … 😉

Yummy sushka
This is my input for one of the favorite foods from my childhood. I have to mention that I am still very happy that Sushki are available (even that I have to make a special trip to the “Russkii” store).
PS: Beemer is in love with those things! It’s crazy how such a simple odd thing can bring so much joy to a family! 


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