Khvorost (Brushwood) cookies – For you all who like to experiment in the kitchen

    I finally did it! I actually did it last month but life has been hectic lately so I am finally putting it for your entertainment and maybe as an inspiration:) I finally made the Khvorost cookies! Last time I made those I was 10. They turned out really good – yummm. I am sharing a recipe and some tips and tricks that I learned. Let’s begin!


As you can see , I am using one of my beautiful Russian cook books that my mom gave me. Recipe: 3 1/2 cups of flour, 4 eggs, 1 table spoon sour cream, 1/4 cups milk, 2 table spoons of vodka, 1 tea spoon of sugar, 1 pinch of sault, powdered sugar for dusting, oil for frying.

IngredientsI have to mention that our family does not really drink milk (we don’t have small children – it’s just two of us for now and hubby and I don’t really care for it) that’s why the milk is in a tiny bottle as it was purchased specifically for the cookies; as you can clearly see we do buy vodka in Costco… We entertain a lot so it makes sense to do so to save some $$ or maybe it’s a Russian in me talking when I am in the store 😉 

Eggs & SugarMix eggs with sugar, milk and sour cream. Add vodka, sugar, salt and flour. Roll out the dough and cut into stripes. Roll it out pretty thing as it will expand during frying. Using a sharp knife cut in the center and pass one end through the cut. You can do whatever shapes you like; this one is the classic look for those cookies.

IMG_2463 Dough is ready

Get the powdered sugar ready if you need to. You can simply buy the already pre-made in the store but I prefer the organic brands so I use coffee grinder machine to make it powdered:

Sugar making

Warm some oil in the frying pan and plunge a few (8-10) cookies in the oil. Be careful it might decide to splash at you. Ladies, wear an apron 😉

IMG_2468 Cookies are almost ready

Cookies will slightly expand but not too bad. Fry them from both sides until brown and when ready place them on the paper towel to get the oil off of them and to cool down. After, it is time for sugar. The cookies are not sweet on their own, so If you like sweeter versions (like my Hubby does) add more powdered sugar to it. Don’t be shy. Sometimes Khvorost cookies can be served with sweet jam. And here is the final product!

IMG_2471 Ready to go

This recipe makes about 50 cookies so perfect for guests or entertaining. The thinner the dough the better. Mine turned out pretty thick so next time I will be making them smaller. But it is up to you.

Enjoy, have fun and let’s experiment together. What should I make next time? 🙂

Yours, YM

PS I did make Sirniki about a month ago but I totally forgot to document it and take pictures… My bad. Now I have to make them again to provide you with details 🙂 Cheers!


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