First Ladies and Kremlin wives – thoughts…

I have been sent on a work trip to Washington, DC last month. I was so so so excited but didn’t realize that I might not even see DC (it was my first time) because of loads of work I had to do during that week. After four 15-hour work days I finally took a breath, I told myself I have to see some things otherwise I will never forgive myself for being here and not taking opportunity to see historical places. There were three things that were on my list to see ( at least briefly): the National Museum of American History, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

National Museum of American History The Lincoln Memorial The White House

It makes sense wanting to see the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, right? But you probably wondering, why do I want to go to the museum when I only have 3 hours to see it all? Answer: I wanted to see the dresses of the First Ladies of the Unites States. The exhibition will also feature Michelle Obama’s inauguration gown – how cool is that? 🙂 I was excited; so I took a cab and I was there in no time.

First Ladies inauguration gowns Michelle Obama's Inaugural gown Jacque Kennedy's dress Jacque Kennedy First Ladies dressesWhile I was there, admiring gorgeous gowns and thinking about American history, the flashes of the “First Ladies” of USSR were in my head. Do you remember what they used to wear?

Nina Krushcheva Brezhnev

I am not going to be debating over this here or trying to prove anything. I would just say: nothing to admire 😦 I understand that there were political reasons on why Nina Khrushcheva was wearing the simplest clothes, but I find it sad to see our beautiful Russian women forgetting about themselves and not leaving the history behind like US First Ladies did.  



Dior models visiting Moscow in 1980s (Russian women on the background) 


Yours, YM




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