Sirniki (Cottage Cheese Patties) – Recipe from the childhood


It has been awhile. I will probably have a New Year resolution for the upcoming year to write more and to do not procrastinate. Sounds Familiar? 😉 I have a few great ideas to put here but I have to admit I am not very good at capturing images on time; so I am still working on getting some cool photos to add to the stories – I find it more entertaining when fun images are accompanying posts.

Anyways, I am here to share with you a recipe for our family beloved Sirniki. I have to say though, even my husband, who is extremely sceptical about Russian cousine, loves those things. This recipe came from my mom: so again, there are no exact measurements (I am so sorry) but you know how moms are: a pinch of this, a handful of this etc. Good luck on following that 😉

Sirniki is probably one of the most popular dishes in Russia: more than likely because it is easy and cheap (you can buy cottage cheese on every corner there for pennies). The best cottage cheese in Russia is probably sold by “babushkas” (grandmas) on the markets: they make it themselves, from scratch  – pure organic. I understand that you might say: how is it safe? it is not packaged? But believe me, it is safer than any store or supermarket’s cottage cheese there. And you can be sure that it is truly made out of real milk from a real cow. Just have cash on you – babushkas do not accept Visa 😉



IMG_2888 IMG_2887

  • Cottage cheese (not the kind that Fred Meyers, Safeway etc sell – the crumbled dry kind. So far, I was only able to find it in the Russian stores) – sometimes they call it Farmers Cheese and it comes from Europe (maybe someday I will try to make my own but so far I have not been that adventures)
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Raisins (optional)
  • Vanilla (optional)
  • Sour cream and jam for serving

Mix flour, cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla & raisins. Use hands 🙂 We, Russians, mostly use hands – that way all the love from your heart gets transferred to the dish (just make sure to wash them before cooking ;)).

IMG_2889 IMG_2893

Get some baking soda in a spoon and pour some vinegar into it; after it is done bubbling add it to the butter. I cannot remember what mom said it is doing – I think it is making them fluffy (you guys might know better).

IMG_2891 IMG_2892

Warm some oil in a frying pan (don’t put too much oil cause it will make them greasy), form patties and fry from both sides.

IMG_2896 IMG_2897

Serve with jam and sour cream (or just jam… or just sour cream). Easy? I think so. If you have some left, just store those in the fridge and they should be good for another day or too (just heat them up).


Here is one more deliciousness from our table to yours. 🙂

I promise to get away from food and write about other things that I always run into that remind me of my home country. My mom just returned from her travel to my hometown Khabarovsk, I might have something to share… 😉


Yours, Y




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