Letting Go…


Collection of Detective Stories

I have to confess: I have been on this cleaning mode lately. And it wasn’t just simple everyday cleaning like dusting, vacuuming etc. It has been more of the organizing and letting go projects. A new chapter of our lives is about to begin at the end of this year, and my heart and soul is clearing out space for it.

There are several projects that I have been thinking/doing but one in particular touched my heart…

I have been starring at my collection of Russian DVDs and books seating on my bookshelf collecting dust… Nobody in the family watched or read those in the last couple of years. I am still so in love with those movies! Those Soviet Union classics… Ah, I can watch them over and over and over again. I memorized every lane, every phrase, and every word.

Favorites Movies movies movies

However, there comes the time to let it go… Why? Because in this digital modern world I can find any movie online in a heartbeat. And as funny as it sounds, it will take me less time to upload it online than to try to hook up my old DVD player that plays those DVDs… I also thought that there are probably people in my town who can really enjoy those movies and books and get a good use out of them. And guess what? So many people contacted me including families with parents who immigrated to the US, still straggling with English language and miss those movies dearly; also, I have been contacted by a Russian – American school and a tiny church library! Absolutely I will give it to them! Those kids and people who are truly interested will benefit much much more from those items than I would (or I should say: my bookshelves would).

It was hard to let go… I think it always is when items contain memories, traditions, love. But there comes a time in life when you have to create your own new traditions and let go of the past. What did you let go of lately? Is your home clattered with things from the past? Is it time to clean up space for new things to come in?

All packed up and ready for next family to enjoy

It was hard, but I feel better at the end. It almost feels like I can breathe easier. And when my kid is older and will be interested in his heritage, I will absolutely remember which movies and books he should read to gain the best knowledge. By that time, I am sure it will be even easier to locate anything that we will be looking for in the cyber space. New Year resolution: let go, clear your space, mind and heart to allow new things, experiences, people, traditions and love to enter your life. Up to the next project! 😉

Happy Holidays!

Yours, Y



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