Letting Go… Continued. More books are going to recycling.


An awful thing happened to me last week: my Kindle died and the charger wouldn’t work. So I “1-clicked” a new charger from Amazon but it takes about a week to get here. The first thing I thought of: hm, how will I survive without a book and why I got rid of most of the books and magazines in my house? Haha. I was questioning my own philosophy. You know what, magically, I received a gift from my friend in the mail: a book! A real hard copy. Haha. Life just does its magic. Enough of the Kindle story, that’s not what I am writing here for…

I continued my “Letting Go” project not with only DVDs but with books, clothes, clutter etc. I cannot believe how much stuff we accumulate. Almost every day, I put something away to take to the donation center or to throw away. And we still have a LOT of stuff… So, a box of books is going bye bye. Russian books of course. I got rid of all my random English books long time ago (thank you to a second hand books stores that we take them to). But Russian books are usually traveled a long journey to end up in my house and it is hard to depart from them. Although, it is very much needed. Here are some of them if you are interested:


“To learn how to dance”. I think my mom had it for a very long time. I used to be on a professional dance team – so I don’t think I will ever use a book to learn dance steps 😉 And mom… I think she pretty much gave up on learning how to dance 😉 Sorry mom haha


More detective stories: love them – but will never re-read them. Besides, easy to find a digital copy online. My friend Anastasia, reads them online if she needs a good lough and entertainment.


Some psychology for women books. In my early 20s I was searching of right answers and a guidance on how to find and attract that right person into your life. But you know what, when I stopped trying so hard – it happened. So… No need for some lectures. Life usually makes it all happen at the right perfect time. Just relax & enjoy the ride 😉


Mikhail Zadornov: the most famous Russian comedian in all times!! He does stand up comedy. He was extremely popular in the 90s after he traveled to America and shared his experience. People LOVED listening to him; needless to say  – he makes fun of American people. Not in a rude way, but in a very politically correct funny way. After making USA my home, I have to say – he is wrong in a lot of his opinions & views. It is still entertaining to read and listen to him, but I cannot relate to it anymore. Russian people might throw rocks at me after I say that, but I am very much Americanized now and I Love Americans. So , it’s a no go for me on Zadornov’s topic.

As I was writing this, I changed the title twice… That means, I have plenty other things to share with you – another post is coming up shortly.

Cheers my Friends,

Yours, Y

PS As I am thinking about Mikhail Zadornov: maybe I will keep one of those books, pull interesting quotes from him and make a post… 😉 Just a thought; I might not do it.


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