Simple Sustainable Living: Farmers Markets – Saturday morning shopping


As this summer going by and farmers markets are about to close I wanted to share with you on how much I have been loving natural simplistic living and sustainable local shopping. I have to say, that this adventure towards minimalistic simple living is just the beginning but I would like to share and ask you to join in.

Saturday morning is when it is all happening in Anchorage, Alaska. There are 3 (?) farmers markets in Anchorage and we visited one this morning. My little man loved it, mom loved it and I cannot be happier buying local organic foods and treats for my family.

Let me share with you on what we got and why:

IMG_1940 IMG_1938

First, I’d like to say that I am trying (trying is a key word) to do meal planning for a week ahead and to prep foods for our little man so we use jar baby foods as less as possible. So in our shopping bag we found veggies, arugula (mom has been into it lately), strawberries that actually smell like strawberries, fresh baked bread from the fabulous Fire Island bakery here in town, and… Kambucha for meee :)) that was a treat for myself. A lady who was selling it tried to convince me to do it myself (they sell kits) but I honestly told her that there is no way I am doing it myself: she looked at Levi who was hanging off of me and said: “yes, you have a huge project of your own”. That made me smile.

IMG_1937 IMG_1939

I also treated myself with spicy pickles and dilly pickled carrots (that was new to me – and YUMMM). And one last important thing that I would like to share is that I finally found reusable produce bags. I hate use of plastic and the idea that it is everywhere. It is actually very easy to avoid it (or at least reduce the usage of it) by simply (again, simply) remember to bring your own shopping bag and produce bags to the store. These bags are sold in our own Fred Meyers or on Amazon. Easy. I will just stick those in my car and boom, no more plastic crap. I am not perfect by any means, I know I will forget it several times, but you know – at least I will keep trying.

Comment. Let me know what you do to live more organic life. Inspire.


Yours, Y


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