Lifestyle change – The Begining

Dear Friends,

It has been a very long time…

The year of 2015 has been pretty rough and as we’ve moved on to 2016 and left things behind, I am starting fresh. One of my goals is to write more and share more with you. I might shift gears a little bit from what the intention of this blog been in the beginning to what I want it to become. I have tons of ideas, lots of things that hopefully will inspire.

As a few days ago, my husband and I started working towards simplifying our lifestyle, going towards more minimalistic approach of living and moving on to a plant-based diet. It will be a work in progress. We are not doing a 180 shift overnight (although, he thinks he can ;)). You probably will ask why such a change? I have been going towards more organic simple lifestyle since last year. There were several personal events that happened in 2015 that made me to revisit priorities in life, the way we treat our world and ourselves. I thought more serious about our consumptions, what we eat and breath, what we put and keep in our bodies and brains, how we spend our time. I am working on going towards semi-minimalism journey, simplifying our to-do lists and finances, making weekly meal plans to free up time for more important things like spending time with the loved once, making sure that my baby grows in a respectful environment with no toxic things and people that we don’t need to surround ourselves with (for various reasons), doing the work I love, writing and exercising. It is all mainly a part of taking care of ourselves, our bodies and our planet. There are also health and ethical reasons to it.


A few steps that I’ve done: eliminated toxic news feeds (I cleaned up my Facebook, my Instagram, YouTube and email a lot – I still active in it, I just don’t follow things and people that don’t inspire me), eliminated certain foods from our diets and cosmetics from our bodies, started meditating before going to bed, started reading books again (instead of Facebook), getting outside more, buying less (although I still treat myself to small pretty things once in a while and love an occasional glass of red wine).

The hardest things that I am dealing with right now are: paper/documents clatter ( I need to sort and scan documents – need time), sentimental things that I don’t know what to do with, tons of old photos and plant-based diet for my toddler…Although, I am still trying to wrap my head around his meals – but I am not going to force it at all and refuse to stress about it. I need him to be healthy, eat well and be as chunky and strong as he is now 🙂


So, my goal is to share and hopefully inspire you. My husband agreed to help me as we would like to give this blog a new life. Stay tuned for more articles, pictures, recipes and fun things. Follow my Instagram too (Facebook not so much – I use it as a news feed mainly – although, I might create a page there someday specifically for this :)).




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