Minimalist skin care 


I was looking at my bathroom items today and thought it might be good to make a post on a simplistic skin care to hopefully inspire and minimize stress for some of you. 

I try to follow a vegan all natural skin care rule when I buy items. It might not be all vegan but I am 100% against testing on animals. I do have plans to make some of the items my own but I just have not had that much time yet to experiment. These items that I currently have are fabulous. Although, I do like to change things up when I replace items that are gone. I never stock up on items and I never have duplicates. I keep it simple, environmentally friendly and clean. Note: I have oily skin.


Here I am as of today: 

  • Heritage store rose water facial toner – perfect for after shower 
  • Pharma clear moisturizer – it’s very hard for me to find a good moisturizer for winter days (oily skin and dry winters – ehhh) – this one is fabulous 
  • Alaffia facial cleanser – fair trade certified – smells amazing 
  • Clinique brush that I use in the evening to massage and get that enviro dirt out 
  • Maui supreme liquid spray coconut oil (purchased in Maui) – use for pretty much anything: hair, under eye area, eye lashes, nails, body. It’s amazing. 
  • Lumene vitamin C day cream with spf 15-a must have 
  • Olay CC cream for under eye area (gotta get it – I am over 30 now …:)
  • Organic lavender body butter (purchased on Maui lavender farm) – just as close to the nature as it can be 🙂


  • I would absolutely love to use natural deodorant every day but didn’t find one yet that would work as well as the regular:  I keep Dove deodorant for tough days or workout sessions
  • Urban organics deodorant is a great one that I try to use most of the days (these guys are fabulous – found on

That’s it – believe it or not. I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap of course but those are not as fabulous to write about. 

Just remember, skin is our largest organ. We care what we put inside of our bodies(hopefully), let’s be mindful what goes on the outside. Don’t overbuy: save the planet (as it all comes in plastic that ends up in the ocean), your hard earning cash and your senity. 




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