Cranberry Oat Bars: healthy eater gets creative

Hello my Friends,

I wanted to share this fabulous recipe that turned out to be absolutely delicious.

I ran into this recipe (see picture below) during my lunch break yesterday; it was one of the magazines that was in the break room. I thought, hm… I am absolutely desperate for something sweet but I am on a shopping ban (post will follow later in April) and some of the ingredients on that recipe we simply do not use in our diet. However, some of the ingredients like frozen cranberries we have one too many (according to our grandma :)) So I started thinking about what else I have at home and what I can substitute things with.


It was not complicated at all and turned out absolutely fabulous. I substituted sugar for honey, marmalade for apple sauce (stole it from my toddler), and only used 1/2 of butter (next time I will use vegan version). Voila! Easy, versatile, healthy and absolutely delicious.


Thanks to that magazine and whoever wrote that article 🙂 lesson learned: the more your play with things the easier it gets.




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