Let’s talk trash bins

One of my goals this year was to switch to the smallest trash bin that our waste company can provide. Sounds weird? Funny perhaps? Let me tell you my thoughts behind this.

We are a family of 3 and ½ (a toddler). My challenge to my family was to try to use less, trash less and buy products that come in recycling packages. I was feeling guilty already with so many diapers that we throw away every day (don’t try to convince me on the cloth diapers – not going to happen) that I thought at least we can do something better. We had two large bins for our trash service to pick up: recycling and regular. My goal was for us to switch regular bin to the smallest size possible. This morning, it happened.


Changes that we undertook:

  • When shopping, we make sure that packages can be recycled – no styrofoam and no milk cartons (cannot be recycled in our town – plastic milk bottles can though)
  • Do not trash items that can be used by somebody else: donate it to goodwill, animal shelter
  • Our recycling service picks up cans, plastic, cardboard, paper – so I keep a separate bin in my pantry for glass recyclables that I take out maybe once a month to the recycling center directly.
  • Compost: my husband bought this wonderful composting “device” that seats on our backyard now. It was not easy to put together, but super easy to use. We collect compostables in a dish in the fridge and then take it out once it’s full. These bins are sold in Costco. If you don’t feel that ambitious, start small – there are small versions in Costco too (and I am sure in every large store or amazon)compost
  • Shopping and consuming less was the most important change: we are still working on it but the change is visible. It is also hard not to think how good of an influence it is on our budgets.

In a conclusion, it is not that complicated and not expensive at all. I keep recycling bins in my pantry (one for glass and one for everything else) so I can take it out all at once. It doesn’t take that much time; just a little bit of preparation, awareness and a phone call to your local trash company to switch trash cans and add recycling service. Easy. Even my toddler knows that paper goes into the recycling bin – he is 1.3 yr…See? Not that complicated 🙂


It is also very refreshing to see more and more bins with yellow “hats” outside on a trash day – people are aware, they care, they do it. We live in the world that full of toxins and materials that trash our planet, let’s make small but powerful steps. Next goal: get a smaller recycling bin too…






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