Vegan BDay Party: Challenge Accepted

Challenge was accepted Monday morning to host a birthday party for my husband on Friday night. Condition one: of course, it has to be vegan. Condition two: I work on Friday until 5 pm – dinner party is at 6. Good luck to me!


Appetizers: secondcranberry salsa and tomato bruschetta with whole wheat crackers and rustic bread turned out to be delicious. Bruschetta was a little runny but I used on tacos the next day and it was fabulous. Cranberry salsa was an absolute favorite: sweet and sour with a little hint of jalapeno pepper. It went very well with organic quinoa crackers. Salsa and bruschetta were prepared a day in advance.


Main course: vegan spinach lasagna – was a Hit! My family loved it and husband bragged about it the next day at work. I prepared veggies and a sauce a day in advance, so all I had to do to is to assemble and bake it. It took a little longer that 25 minutes that what said in the recipe but it was absolutely divine. I also added balsamic roasted veggies for the side: I just marinated those in balsamic and brown sugar overnight – simple but delicious. first

Dessert: vegan banana cream pie turned out to be the best ever. I made it on Thursday night in advance – it has to be in the freezer. Also, we thawed it out for about 20 mins not 5 like it says in the recipe. To my taste, I would keep it out longer as otherwise it tastes like banana ice cream (which is still amazing).


Most of the dishes have been prepped in advance the night before. I was up until almost 11:30 pm (not because it was too much work but because I had to wait until my toddler goes to bed); I was tired but so pumped up and excited that it didn’t matter. All I had to do when back home from work is to open wine to air out, have a sip and put lasagna into the oven. Cut bread and set the table.

Voila! It was a great success.

I am adding links to the lasagna and pie recipes. Thank you for the wonderful bloggers that have these out there in the cyber world 🙂

Cheers my friends,








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