Do you read the ingredients?

Pick up a bottle of something in your bathroom and read it. What do you see? Is it Petrolatum, alcohol and perfume by any chance? Probably…And just think about it – this goes on the largest organ of your body – skin. Ick!

A couple things happened last week that made me go: wait what?

I always wash dishes with gloves. It’s a matter of habit by now because water and dish soap leave my hands extremely dry and I very much dislike that feeling. The other day, I only had a couple baby bottles to wash and thought: let me take care of those really quick without bothering putting gloves on. Next morning I saw, what it looked like an allergy/chemical burn right between my fingers! IMG_3404

I had those before but thought it might be because of it is cold outside and I need lotion or I started to have eczema ( never had it before but was looking for an explanation). Occasionally I wouldn’t put gloves on when washing dishes and never thought of that because’ we buy environmentally friendly dish soap’… It might be environmentally friendly’ish but I never bothered to read the ingredients on the bottle. Ick! Last week I perfectly remembered that my skin was normal until I washed dishes without gloves and got this thing that is still on my hands. It had to be a reaction to chemicals. That incident opened my eyes: we buy these products that touch our dishes that we put our food in and then it goes to our bodies… Well, guess what was my first move: immediately, I went to my pantry, pulled out 3-4 bottles with different cleaning products and dumped it into the sink (probably desensitized it really well), washed the bottles and threw those into recycling. Went to Natural Store, bought castile soap and will never use anything else again.

A few days after the incident with the soap, I got a sore throat and to fight my coming up cold I thought of just grabbing a Baby Rub Vicks Ointment would be a good idea. I bought it long time ago when my baby was born but never used it on him. And boy, I felt so good realizing that I didn’t, cause after reading the ingredients, that thing flew into trash. But before I read the label, I generously put it on my throat. Have you read the ingredients on it? The very first thing is Petrolatum! And we put those on ours and our babies’ skin – NO WAY! I felt like I just stuck my head into a gas tank.

Obviously, I am not a scientist and will not be arguing over chemical part of any product. This is my reflection, my experience and my intake on what I should and should not use in my family home. If you are curious, google some blogs and information on what it is truly in most of the household items that we are so used to buy.

Just a few products that I absolutely eliminated (already): drug store deodorant (switched to natural – will make homemade someday when I feel brave), cleaning products all went to the drain (castor soap, vinegar, soda and lemons are in my house for this purpose – that’s it), soap (only buying local with natural oils), bubble bath (making it myself from now on), facial toner (making it myself – super easy)  and I am working on test driving Soap Nuts so I can eliminate detergents. And that is just during last couple weeks. I hope I got you thinking, inspired you to read the label and decide for yourself if you want to put it on your skin.




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