Selling the house & simplifying in 2017

My Dear Readers,

One of my NY 17 goals is to write here more as I am anticipating a cool experience this year. We’ve been big fans of Dave Ramsey for a while, we listen to his podcasts and I read several of his books that I loved. Well, besides going out of debt (which we almost successfully done with), he inspired us to figure out this housing dilemma that we have. Dilemma means: too many choices. Yes there is such a thing. First world problems. I am ashamed. Anyways, details aside, we decided to sell our current house because it is too big for us first of all (we all greatly dislike empty spaces), we will move into what’s now a rental (smaller house and not as fancy). We will live there for a couple years, upgrade it a little bit & sell it (the rental does not return as much money as we would like to see – Dave would say it was a stupid buy – well yes, not so smart). And while living there, we will plan and build a house that works for all of us. Let’s say, we all 3 + 1/2 are very independent individuals with different interests. But one thing that unites us is the way of living: no empty spaces and no empty rooms that we will have to fill with furniture and stuff, 3 car garage cause there are three of us and all of us like comfort, separate mom’s living area a little bit so she has her own HQ, nice quite area with a view (still in town but surrounded by nature). That’s our wish list. If we find an architect that would put this all together – it is totally doable. But first, we will be simplifying  – meaning selling/donating & extra $$ will be going towards savings. We all agreed that we will not be moving stuff around that we don’t use. Besides, moving to a smaller space will force us to do it – I am excited. I will try to document my ‘getting rid of stuff’ journey as it might be sort of emotional. Another thing that will be emotional is to leave this house. We’ve done lots of work to it and I love it. I will have to go through a breakup with my beautiful bathrooms & Levi’s toddler room with Calvin & Hobbs painting in it.  You might sense some anxiety in these words that are coming through me already. After all, I am not going to be surprised if we love living simple life in our “new” smaller house as well and will not proceed with the further plans. I don’t know. It’s too soon to tell – we still have several years and all our lives ahead of us. I will use this blog as a tool to help me to let go  and to proceed to what the Universe will guide us to.

Let the journey begin! First step: sign up or Facebook Free/Buy/Sell local group – already have some items on my list. 🙂











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