Minimizing spendings & consumption: week 1

Today is Saturday and I am proud of myself: since the first day of the New Year, I have not had a single cup of coffee (made or purchased, would be $4 per cup at the coffee shop), have not had a single glass of wine ( we are not big drinkers but used to enjoy a glass or two occasionally (that is $15 per bottle & $10 per glass at a restaurant) – removing it is a part of the overall life cleanse now), have not purchased a single lunch which would be $12 per meal (I pre-cooked and brought meals with me to the office; we had a lunch date with Hubbs on Friday but it was within the planned budget) and I made $30 on the things that were never used in the house. Pretty nice savings on my part for the first week of the year. 🙂

All of these steps are my current actions to achieve my  financial and overall lifestyle goals for 2017. Some of the goals include: minimizing coffee & wine intake (reducing consumption and detoxifying my body), without a doubt continuing with vegan organic lifestyle (it’s been 10 months and we still are going strong), saving my emergency fund (I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey’s snowball plan & all his money makeover books (If you are familiar, you will know which step I am on)) and minimizing/decluttering as much as I can (if I can make a few dollars on that, my savings will be happy). I made those goals measurable so I wouldn’t lose track.

We all make new year resolutions but for the most part those are just wishes until we have a game plan and start acting on it. I turned my wishes into goals and lists of actions. I will be reporting my progress here as well, so I wouldn’t lose track.

In a meantime…I have two boxes in my car ready to be dropped off at a donation location, a box of old photos that I am taking pictures off to save on my computer later so I can  eliminate actual physical pictures and… I emailed a local shelter to see if anybody there is in need of a wedding dress. Here it is; here is it what I’ve been doing/thinking of lately.




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