Ladies Corner: Minimalist Make Up


I wanted to make a quick post on how I minimized my make up routine and the amount of products I use. This is for make up only; since I minimized the amount of make up on my face I sort of upgraded quality of my skin care. But that will be a different post.

As you can see, not much that I own and I am extremely happy with it. I wouldn’t touch a lot on the brands here as more than likely those will not be repurchased by me. Let me share the details really quick:

All I use for my skin products are concealer for under eyes areas and a different concealer in case I have blemishes or occasional pimples that need to be hidden from the world. I like NYX but I might have heard that they were purchased by L’Oreal and that company does test on animals. So I might need more research if I decide to repurchase or I will find something else. I use a pencil for my eye brows and an eye liner (DeVita – parabenfree & 100%vegan); a set of Lancôme eye shadows and a blush, and a Lancôme mascara. I absolutely love Lancôme products but I believe they still test on animals so probably will not repurchase until proven otherwise. Kind of sad… I have a few brushes and a lashes curler to help me put the face together in the mornings and a couple chop sticks & a lip gloss (not pictured cause I cannot find any of those – probably in my office). I use perfume during the work weeks and I use essential oils blend during the weekends. I also try to go cosmetics free on the weekends if I can and I do smoky eyes make up for the evenings out.

That’s it! Super simple, quick and inexpensive. And let me mention something important, minimalism make up requires a good care of your body & skin inside and out … but that’s for a different blog post.